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Australia Animal Communication Training

A comprehensive live-training experience facilitated personally by Pea Horsley and visiting animal guest-teachers, with an add-on wild Whale Wisdom Enhancement. Six subjects over six days and a whale wisdom enhancement to end the week. You can book just one level, two levels or register for all 3 levels. The Whale Wisdom day is an optional add-on! Learning how to trust yourself and communicate with animals, then be witness to how that impacts on both your personal life and your animal’s lives is beyond what I can put here in words. This experience is to be felt with the heart. It’s profound. It goes deep and changes lives. Animals are natural communicators and every day they try and share their wishes and wisdom with humans, but most people have forgotten that they’re also natural animal communicators. Over the course of 6-days I’ll teach you to remember how to have a two-way conversation with other animals, those you love and new friends you’ll meet at the workshops. You’ll learn how to remove self doubt and hone your intuitive ability to create clear and effective communication that will make animals’ lives happier and change yours forever. Exploring and practising 6 core subjects, over the first two days we’ll begin with the Introductory skills including valuable practice and time to question and grow. Over days 3 and 4, we’ll progress with the intermediate techniques of Body Scanning and Gestalt, and also Remote Viewing which is needed in tracking missing animals. On day 5, Empowering Animals teaches you how to perceive your power or totem animals and connect with them for support, protection and guidance with your animal communication. The final day, Life Loss Love workshop provides a cathartic and enlightening day to learn the animals point of view in death, dying and the afterlife and ultimately empower animal transition. Post Training Bonfire Supper (19th July) On the last evening together we’ll have a relaxing gathering around a bonfire, share our ‘bring a dish’ and enjoy great conversation with new friends. Whale Wisdom Enhancement (20th July) The perfect end to the week is the Whale Wisdom Enhancement exclusive boat trip to experience communication with some of our wisest co-inhabitants.
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