Crystal Basics 1 to 'BTrue2U'

Part of the 'BTrue2U' series ***Goal Mapping to 'BTrue2U' ***Cleanse & Protect to 'BTrue2U' ***Crystal Basics 1 to 'BTrue2U' ***Crystal Basics 2 to 'BTrue2U' (Coming Soon) ***Crystals & Healing to 'BTrue2U' (Coming Soon) During the workshop you will cover the following areas ***What are Crystals? ***How to choose your crystals ***How to Cleanse, Programme and Charge your crystals ***Starting your crystal collection ***Identify the Master Crystals and what each can be used for ***Which other crystals may be useful for you now ***How to use a Pendulum ***Identify the next stages for your crystal development By the end of this workshop you will have an understanding of crystal basics and how you will work with them to move forward Book your place using the links below: ***Tuesday 27th March 2018 ***Saturday 21st April 2018 ***Tuesday 24th April 2018 ***Saturday 19th May 2018 ***Tuesday 24th July 2018 ***Saturday 15th September 2018 ***Tuesday 27th November 2018 to find out about other workshops available please go to



Fragrantly  Magickal
Fragrantly Magickal - Welcome to Fragrantly Magickal's Spiritual & Holistic Offerings - Dawn started Fragrantly Magickal by working at Markets, Festivals and Local Events and now thrilled to have a beautiful Shop with accompanying Holistic Room where she can now use her Retail Management, Training, Coaching and Healing experience to bring a variety of services and products to the local community and surrounding areas.

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