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Hatha Yoga For Runners & Cyclists (Open to everyone) Open Level with Louisa

This registers your class place. Payment to be made on arrival at the reception desk. A perfect pre or post race/ training yoga session for runners and cyclists of all abilities to help add spring & extra miles in your stride/ride. Designed to supplement and complement anyone from casual runner/ cyclist to a fulltime competitor. Discover how yoga can assist & support in fine tuning your body so you can get the best out of your running/ cycling and help you become the best athlete you can be. Yoga can promote a speedier recovery, prevent injuries and enhance performance time by increasing your body's stability, strength, mobility and flexibility, improving efficiency of breathing, building greater body awareness & mental focus & calm, and bringing about balance to your whole self. Open to all - no previous yoga experience required. Tight hips & legs very welcome! This is registers your class place. Payment to be made on arrival at the reception desk - see for class costs. +++ Please cancel your reservation if you no longer need it as spaces are limited and it may prevent someone else from booking - thank you +++ If have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby please do inform me before booking. Directions: If you are coming by car you need to take the Salts Mill Road either via Otley Road or Saltaire Road& Victoria St Shipley. From Salts Mill Road take a left on to Ashley lane. The Merchant Quay Building is a red brick building just set back off Ashley Lane after Rustons building. There's parking close to it. As usual we're using the back entrance - they'll be an A board on Ashley Lane directing you to this door. If coming by foot you can access Ashley Lane from Victoria St shipley or Victoria Road Saltaire. If from Saltaire you take the road that runs behind Salts Mill to Ashley Lane. This road however closes around 6:30pm so for this session that route will not be available. Hope this makes sense! if you have any issues finding please call me 07901866259. Regarding Yoga Mats Equipment: If you have your own mat please feel free to bring that or you are very welcome to borrow one of the used one's along with the bricks/ belts. I am selling brand new hardwearing burgundy or purple yoga mats for £16 at class - they're really lovely and a great investment if you would like to purchase one for yourself. I would strongly recommend you have your own mat if you are wishing to build up a regular practice. Please let me know if you would like to order one so l can have them ready for you at the session. Its recommended to practice yoga on an empty stomach and leave 2 hours between eating a heavy meal and the start of class. If you are hungry before class a light snack should be fine. Please bring some water with you and wear comfy clothes that you can stretch in - leggings/ loose pants/ shorts/ jogging bottoms & tshirt/ vest top are recommended. Book here:



07901 866 259 (Heather Yoga)
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