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The Breath: Hilal Creative Dance & Meditation

What nourishes us in our movement is the breath. Seemingly of little consequence, when we run out of it, we are lost. It's benefits are ease of movement, calm and gaining the ability to focus and concentrate. In this workshop the aim is to free our body of tension using the bodywork, calm breath and focusing the breath into each movement. We will use the creative dance model to dance intuitively and naturally. Early booking recommended. £35 for 3 hours of dance -- Pauline created Pendulum Moves to make opportunities to meditation and dance. She offers workshops and classes in meditation, movement and bodywork. She promotes dance workshops centred on Hilal Dance and Meditation sessions that allow participants to find the meditation solution that suits them. Her practice is holistic and humanist. Everyone, regardless of views or beliefs, can develop happiness and wisdom.



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