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Mas Sajady Live UK (Birmingham & London) In-Person

Mas Sajady Live UK (Birmingham & London) In-Person
Mas Sajady returns to the UK in the Fall for a busy Program of events, including the Mind Body Spirit Festival in the UK's second city, Birmingham, from 3rd-5th November. 2nd November: Evening event with Tree of Life, Birmingham - '50 Shades of Great Relationships.' 3rd - 5th November: Mind Body Spirit Festival Birmingham - Workshops and Industrial-Strength Group Healings™ (IGHs) at the booth. 6th November: Afternoon event - ** A few Spaces left ** Private Oracle Circle (exclusive event limited to 13 people) at a beautiful venue in the south of Birmingham. 8th November: A morning, small group event (only 20 spots) - 'Intimate Session with Mas.' Will be open for booking from 24th October. ** SOLD-OUT** - 8th November: An afternoon, small group event (only 20 spots) - 'Intimate Session with Mas'. 8th November: Evening event with the College of Psychic Studies, London - 'Elevating the Earth's Vibrational Programming.' 12th November: Special one-day event with Alternatives - 'Wealth through Mindfulness.' This is a very rare opportunity to work in-depth with Mas for a full day. Who is Mas Sajady and what does he do? Mas Helps You - Be Who You Are & Live The Truth He helps you transform/change your life by changing your frequency. An ordinary computer programmer who was gifted with extraordinary abilities after two near death experiences, Mas Sajady struggles to define himself as his gifts stretch far beyond the physical. Mas has helped countless individuals wake up to their own powers to effortlessly materialize abundance in all areas of life which he believes is both our birthright and natural state of being. Mas helps to clear layers of distortions that keep us from this 360 degrees of abundance and he has been likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Materializing fast and tangible results, Mas works at a level beyond most known modalities and has helped thousands around the world transform their lives after just one or a few sessions. Mas is not a guru. He does not run a cult. Mas is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose, treat or cure any condition. Mas endeavors to help prevent or ease suffering exclusively by mental or spiritual means and by prayer.



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