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LIFE AFTER DEATH: Evidence of the Beyond and Back

Does Life after Death Really Exist?  Join us for a fascinating and in-depth look into the world beyond!   Join us as we take you on a journey of discovery!  Does Life after Death Really Exist?  Through years of research, data analysis, personal accounts, cross-analysis and much, much, more we have been able to identify some amazing discoveries about “The Beyond”.  Our presentation will focus on… Near-Death Experiences Terminal Lucidity Induced After Death Communications (IADC) Apparitional Experiences Reincarnation Shared-Death Experiences After-Death Communications Deathbed Visions Out-of-Body Experiences Crisis Apparitions End-of-Life Experiences Mediumship Join us as we piece together the answers to one of the worlds oldest questions… “What Happens When We Die?” General Admission - Advanced Online: USD 12, General Admission - At the Door: USD 15



VISIT WEBSITE (608) 314-6699 (Paranormal Research Group)
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