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WINTER by Julie Jensen - Central Works/NPN

Funny, touching, and very topical, WINTER is a thought-provoking look at our right to die, one of the most controversial topics in America. "Central Works presents WINTER by Julie Jensen. The NPN Rolling World Premiere of a searing, compassionate, and often very funny examination of the end of life—and the unconventional path one woman takes to get there. Nationally acclaimed playwright Julie Jensen explores one of the most controversial topics in America. A beautiful, empowering story, WINTER is about a woman whose once-brilliant mind is now diminishing. Her decline is troubling not only to herself, but to her family, who each have different ideas about what’s right for her. Meanwhile she’s ready to take matters into her own hands. WINTER is produced at Central Works, a NNPN Rolling World Premiere with the Salt Lake Acting Company (Utah) and Rivendell Theatre Exchange (Illinois). visit Playwright Julie Jensen took inspiration from Margaret Pabst Battin’s short story “ROBECK.” Battin, a renowned bioethicist, has written numerous essays, short stories and books on the ethics of assisted suicide and end-of-life issues. Jensen tells us, “This is a very important subject. I wondered about it when my mother was deep into dementia, and I wonder still as I watch the struggles of others. At what point do we lose dignity or become a burden? And most important of all, how do we know when it's the right time. As Annis [in WINTER] says, ‘We must leave before the last possible minute, or else we lose the capacity to make it happen.’""" $30–$15 : USD 30, Thursdays are pay-what-you-can at the door: USD 15



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