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Sound Bath Meditation Relaxation With Gongs , Singing Bowls Drumming & More

This session is a 1hr 30 min soundscape session. It will start with the sounds of the gongs, crystal bowls, drums and other stringed instruments for entire session. We will be joined by another sound therapist named Emma who will be playing alongside me on the day. This will be an experience not to be missed. There is a limited number for this event, so please rsvp early on!! Here is an example of a past soundscape meditation. These classes are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter what gender, race, age, religion you are. There is no belief promoted in this group except for you to look deeply and clearly into yourself. You may sit on the chairs provided or on the floor. Some of you may wish to lie on the floor bringing a mat, blanket and/or pillow with you. There will be a few cushions and blankets available. The intention is to create a supportive space for insight and transformation of oneself, through the use of meditative sound. There is charge of £8 There will be a display of crystal bowls and Metal singing bowls which will be available for sale on the day. Please change your rsvp if you cannot attend so others can attend. Please if you are on the waitlist or need any info. My number is 07708958355 or you can email me at One to One Meditation, Sound therapy, Energy healing, life coaching/ spiritual mentorship therapy sessions are also available. This venue has change to Ellesmere College , 41 braunstone lane east le32fd. There is a buzzer as you enter and a receptionist will let you in.The room is on the first floor. Buy Tickets:



VISIT WEBSITE 07708958355 (meditation4all)
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