Become your Dream Self



07956876624 (Millie Dobie)
    ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE?</br></br>Become who you want to be & start living your dream life!</br></br>Learn how to take charge of your life by taking control over your state of being...</br></br>In this workshop you will learn the meaning of the self as shown by the Kabbalah and will discover which of your energy centres you should be focusing on. By understanding the self in this way, you will learn how to control your energy to get more and more of what you want from life. Both in the immediate future and in the long term.</br></br>The time for transformation is now! If you're ready to start living out your dreams, do not wait to start creating them. </br></br>See you there 6-8pm, where we'll be doing just that :)</br></br>Tickets just £12.00</br>Buy here or via <a href="" class="lnkOrange12px" target="_blank"></a></br></br>Workshop run by Saffron E. Dobie from OutsideUnder:-</br><a href="" class="lnkOrange12px" target="_blank"></a></br></br>Contact Millie Dobie should you have any issues with booking - <a class="lnkOrange12px" href=""></a> (07956876624)</br>

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