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sheila steptoe

About sheila steptoe

When you ‘unlock your soul’ your awakening experience can be so beautiful it’s mind-blowing but also very difficult to describe. But when you do, you’ll understand what I mean!

My passion is to create an irresistible life-changing experience for people like you who are ‘waking up’

I would love to walk with you, as your spiritual development is a personal journey, and help you understand what is happening as you may have started to experience or feel different, and you may not be sure why. Or you just have a natural curiosity and want to learn more.

Either way, I can guide you in developing your intuition, learn more about your psychic gifts, respond to the whispers from your soul or discover the magic of meditations, and come to a heart centred awareness of yourself.

Through using my intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling and direct knowing by connecting to Ascended Masters and Angelic beings, we can open the way to your own spiritual journey. Source has shown and told me that I am ‘a keeper of the light so others may find it’. Nothing gives me greater pleasure.

Plus I will help you understand how to access and develop your natural 6th sense – your physic abilities and your intuition – you will then shine with more confidence as you truly understand who you are, and how to move forward as the old blocks begin to disappear and your stress is reduced

I know that when you discover a connection to your inner-wisdom you will begin to feel serenity inside every day of your life. How does that sound?

Would you like the confidence to create something more meaningful in your life?

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Sheila Steptoe Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Coach

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