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Suzy Pool

About Suzy Pool

I am a Life Purpose Guide and Passion Mentor.

Finding your Life Purpose is the journey in life we all take. Once we do find what it is that we are here to be, do and have, life begins to flow in the most magical and effortless way.

Living my life on Purpose began 18 years ago. Prior to that I lived my life according to what was socially expected of me.

I became a nurse as soon as I left school and then spent the next 18 years of my career specialising in the filed of Occupational Heath. I loved my work as it primarily involved teaching employees to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, mentally and physically, Health Education and Promotion in the workplace. My employers then endorsed this. However as time went on, the focus changed to monitoring Sickness Absence and this didn't resonate with me so I left and became a Yoga Teacher. I earned less money but I loved what I did and it gave me more time with my young children too as I was self employed. My spiritual journey began then and I took every opportunity available to me to learn more about MySelf and the my consciousness expanded. My Self Awareness and training included Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Passion Test Coaching and Hypnotherapy. I continue to explore the depths of my being and enjoy sharing my journey with other kindred spirit.

I believe we go through 3 fundamental stages in life. The first one is our Learning Stage, this is the life are born into and we receive all our conditioning from there, we may have little or no power over it. The Second Stage is living our life based on the programme we learned, me may think we have power over our life, but it may not really be so. The Third Stage and final one, is where we realise who we truly are, what our true purpose and identity is and here we come into our True Power. This stage we can reach at any point or age in our life.

I am a Life Journey Guide, guiding you now to in that Final Stage of your life to find your Life Purpose and BeCome You.

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Finding Your Life Purpose

  • Categories: Workshop
  • Sun, 10 May 20 : 10:00am
  • Fulmer Village Hall, Fulmer Road, Fulmer, Slough, UK, SL3 ,GB
  • 07961462609

Creating a clear path into your Life’s Purpose Every one of us feels that deep down we are here t ...Read More...

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