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About Samantha

I'm a true psychic medium clairvoyant gifted from birth I've been doing this life path now for the past 35 years.

My name is Samantha Hamilton I am a psychic medium clairvoyant. I am also intuitive astrology. I use astrology for healing past life issues as well as being a psychic medium clairvoyant I am also able to see into the past present and future. I am a reiki master and also psychic teacher. I give one on one psychic lessons to enhance your ability to become more the psychic that you are within. I am a life coach and an energy healer, therapists and crystal healer.

VISIT WEBSITE 07801567846

Vogue Horoscope July - August 2019

Tue, 9 July 19 : 9:07 : London, UK GB
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Metta Centre - Psychic Connections with Samantha Hamilton

Who Is She? Samantha Hamilton of Caribbean heritage is a remarkable intuitive energy reader, psychic clairvoyant, medium, past life holistic life coach & color therapist; She is able to give you names and locations to those that are linked to you and your life. With her gift she is more than able to coach you in the right direction, helping you to clear past and present life obstacles or those important matters that you feel you need to address. Having an in-depth reading with Samantha will o ...

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Psychic Medium - Live Phone Readings

Psychic Phone Readings! Talk live with Samantha Hamilton using her critically accalimed psychic p ...Read More...

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