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About PippaSilverRay

I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, Holistic Therapist and Clairvoyant Medium. I specialise in energy work and positive psychology for the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, spiritual crisis and other life challenges.

How I can help you

Stress management is vitally important for our physical and mental wellbeing. I can help you to manage and protect your energy and state of mind, to avoid being overwhelmed by lifestyle demands, negative self-talk and other people’s emotions.

If you are ready for a change or need support to cope with something that has happened, I can work alongside you. I combine powerful healing tools, intuitive guidance and coaching skills to help you move towards fulfilment or recovery.

At the conscious level I can help you to achieve greater levels of personal and spiritual development. When you are ready to release emotional blockages and old ways of thinking it is possible to gain inner strength and experience the world in a more positive way.

At the physical level many symptoms arise from mental/emotional blocks or inherited trauma. By releasing these at the energetic level, symptoms can be relieved. It is common for pain and discomfort to be reduced or eliminated.

I help clients to work through health issues and some of the most challenging phases of life, enabling them to re-establish balance and control.

Services Provided

Energy healing, chakra balancing, clearing and release of blockages using Reiki, Sekhem, Psychic Surgery and Theta Healing™.

Reiki training courses, from absolute beginners to those who wish to become teachers in their own right: 1st Degree, 2nd degree and 3rd Degree/Master-Teacher level. I run classes on a regular basis. Dates can be tailored to suit your schedule.

Meditation and Mindfulness Classes for groups and individual clients. You may be interested to join my group on Facebook – East London Meditation and Mindfulness

Life Coaching, by itself or combined with healing, adapted to the changing needs of each individual. I alternate between the various techniques, or combine them within a session, to deliver maximum results.

I am available to give talks, workshops and radio interviews on the subjects of Stress Management, Personal Development, Mindfulness, Life Balance, Spirituality and Healing.

My background

I became a Reiki healer in 2008 and became a professional therapist in 2012. I now practise a range of therapies as well as teaching Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness.

I trained as a Catalyst Life Coach in 2015 and since then have also gained counselling skills, to provide better support to clients who are going through anxiety and depression or are feeling stuck, lacking confidence or needing to find a sense of direction.

My change of career into the holistic world resulted from personal experience. Despite being very committed to fitness and nutrition, I found that these were not enough to protect me from the immense impact that mental and emotional stress has on the physical body. In an effort to recover from my own stress-related illness, I began to look beyond physical remedies to understand the mental/emotional causes. In the process, I also discovered spirituality.

I am particularly interested in post-traumatic growth and the link between mental health and spiritual crisis. I believe that many people are wrongly diagnosed as being mentally ill when in fact they are going through a spiritual awakening. Undiagnosed pain can be a symptom of spiritual growth as well.

I am also exploring the psychology of men’s mental health. Research shows that men and women respond differently to life crises and therefore they need different types of support.

My Therapy Qualifications

Catalyst Life Coach
Reiki Master-Teacher (Usui – Tibetan style)
Meditation Teacher
Advanced Sekhem practitioner
Advanced ThetaHealingTM
Advanced Mediumship
Psychic Surgery
First Aid
Mental Health First Aid

Professional Memberships and Interest Groups

Spiritual Crisis Network
AICTP – Association of Integrative Coach Therapist Professionals
Male Psychology Network
British Psychological Society

VISIT WEBSITE 07563687108
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East London Meditation and Mindfulness

An informal group for anyone new to meditation or struggling to maintain a regular practice. We’ll learn different techniques so that everyone can find something which works for them. The techniques include mindfulness as an essential part of meditation and a way to manage thoughts. There is no religious affiliation or particular spiritual perspective - these practices are suitable for everyone. Please join my FB group to receive regular updates. ...

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East London Reiki Training

All levels of Reiki Training, for personal development and professional qualifications. I teach 1 to 1, working with each student’s unique experience and abilities so that you will get the most positive results for yourself and your clients. I also provide full support during your 21 days homework and healing practice at no extra charge. I am happy to accept students who have started their Reiki training with another teacher. Please see my website for full details https://silver-ray.c ...

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1 to 1 Reiki Training - 1st Degree, 2nd Degree or Master level

  • Categories: Reiki
  • Sat, 1 December 18 : 10:00am
  • Leytonstone, London, UK, E11 4LE ,GB
  • 07563687108

Reiki 1st Degree 1 day training : 10am – 5pm Dates to suit : Mon – Sat Leytonstone, East ...Read More...

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