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TnT Health Fitness Wellbeing

Lymington, UK



My purpose on this planet is to help and support women on their transformation journeys through Health Fitness and Wellbeing.

TnT Health Fitness Wellbeing

Thank you for choosing TnT to take you through your Health Fitness and Wellbeing Journey.
I am looking forward to helping and supporting you along the way using Physical Training Pilates Nutritional Therapy and Holistic treatments as your support network.

For 8 weeks we will commit to Physical training, movement and Pilates 3 times a week. We will meet at your home or an outdoor area dependant on your confidence with training outdoors. This confidence can be developed. Each training session whether it be Movement Pilates or Training is bespoke to your bodies wants and needs. This may be different to what you are used too. This is the point where you committing to and trusting the process with belief in self is made.

You will receive Nutritional therapy from TnT’s nutritional therapist Cameron Angus to guide and support you through your nutrition.Cameron is an expert in his field and loves to help my clients thrive. You will receive 3 example meal plans. The reason we give example meal plans alongside guidance is so that you learn how to managed your nutrition. We have found that meal plans can turn people into robots and create resistance because you are being told what to do instead of being encourage to listen to your body and encouraged to learn about portion sizing. Plus we feel it’s important that we leave you to decide when you are hungry and not ask you to eat because the plan says so. Responsible eating is greatly encouraged with TnT. We also offer help to shop and help to cook. This is an optional extra at no extra cost.

And last but never least you will receive two sessions of energy work so you can rejuvenate and move on from your old energies that will rise as we move through the 8 week transformation process.

Treatments will be in weeks 3 and 7. This will bring great relief to the body and give you some time to be pampered as I feel pampering is just as important as training for transformation.

I am here to help and support you physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. I believe the heart and mind need support to to gain maximum results.
Support is also offered via phone and email. For 8 weeks I will be a constant in your journey to help you thrive as much as possible. Goals are always obtainable if you believe that they are always available to you.

I look forward to working with you and watching you grow and shine your energy brightly across the planet. You do deserve it you have lots to give and the world deserve to see your light shine bright.

Group Pilates also available. Enjoy the wonder that is Pilates with your friends in your own home. Maximum of 6 to each session to ensure you all receive the personal touch. Progressive programs written and tailored to the needs of the group. A little laughter welcomed.

Pilates is fantastic for toning the body, improving posture, flexibility, strength and flow of movement.

This is a great practice for stress relief and breathe.

I myself love Pilates and the balance it brings to my body.

“Many blessings and a beautiful Namaste to you”

VISIT WEBSITE 07460 315322

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  • 15th Feb 2018
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VISIT WEBSITE 07460 315322
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