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The Universal Healing of The Ancient Britons

Earths Energies, Queen Street, Bideford, UK

Energy Work

Channeled to me by 3 Ascended masters, with the Planetary change as we ascend the masters want the true Universal Energy from our planet to be Available again to everybody of good intent. this Healing modality uses the universal Energy in conjunction with 6 of the Earths power centres, these are used for healing people Animals Nature. cleansing Healing the higher self. use with crystals. self healing.
These power centres In mystical South West Britain home of Mythical Arthur and Merlin have remained locked since the Romans Killed the Druids. Now with thanks to the Ascended master We can Use these again with the provision that when you start this study you help heal our planet that humanity has done so much damage too.
Level one Healer is now Available as Home study on Amazon
In Level one you will learn How to Access and use 4 power centres there Ancient Symbols. how to conect with your healing Guide, how to Connect and work with your power Animal, How to connect to and Work With Elementals.
How to use 10 Chakras. Self Healing, healing, Distance Healing, Planetary Healing

VISIT WEBSITE 07802421989

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The Universal Healing of The Ancient Britons

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  • 24th Nov 2018
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VISIT WEBSITE 07802421989

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