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The Fortune Tellers' Tea Shop

286 Union Street, Torquay TQ2 5QZ, UK



Our little shop is haunted. It stands in an area mentioned in the Domesday Book but predates that with evidence of a Saxon settlement around and about some 450,000 years ago. So it's no wonder that someone or something may be looking over your shoulder as you enjoy a tea or a coffee.

The spirits that seem to abound have made themselves known in many ways, not least by managing to interfere with recordings of past life recall and during our closed trance circle on Tuesday evenings. The unexplained noises and voices - including a horse - show up on the recording of the sessions although no-one hears anything in real-time. An ordinary dictaphone is used to record the sessions and the only modification made to these inexplicable noises is amplification. Their antics can be heard on our Youtube Channel

At the shop we offer Friday night psychic development sessions which run from 7.30-9pm and cost £5. Our last Friday night group migrated to the closed trance circle which runs on a Tuesday evening. Due to the popularity of these sessions we also plan to offer a weekday psychic development session which will allow many of our young mums to attend as they won't need a babysitter when their children are at school. Anyone interested should contact the shop as we limit the numbers in these groups.

The range of services on offer at The Fortune Tellers Tea Shop range from tea leaf readings to Tarot readings or a booking with a medium, evening events such as the seance on April 14, psychic development sessions and past life recall. Reiki, healing and Hypnotherapy are also on offer for stress, motivation, confidence, etc.

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VISIT WEBSITE 01803 906242
Jan Chambers - I am a professional hypnotherapist who ran a successful psychic premium rate line service for many years.
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