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The Soul Saver - Elizabeth Paddon

Sutton Bridge, Spalding, UK


Mediumship / Psychic

Chuang Tsu:
“Birth is not the beginning and death is not the end.”

Thanatology the dictionary tells us, is the description or study of death and dying and the psychological mechanisms of dealing with them. Life situations, experiences, and teachings can allow each of us to become our own psychic or spiritual consultant, and thereby help others and ourselves to come to terms with, make better or validate our existence. There is an excitement in searching for God’s truth, as opposed to man’s truth. For God’s truth is to be found within each of us, no matter what choices and lifestyles we have chosen to experience in our present life forms up to now. Man’s truth has an ever- changing face, for man’s truth depends on the whim of the human using it.

Each person has the ability within the self to heal their own personal pains, to unblock their own spiritual blockages, and to progress forward on their own spiritual pathway. This progression comes with the assistance of the many others who have already begun their own processing or with the help of spiritual guides and angels. Most amazingly of all is the lesson we learn from unexpected quarters, such as those who have passed on from physical life but who have not as yet entered the doorway to the light. Their lessons emphasize our lessons to be as unconditionally loving as possible, and therefore prevent ourselves from becoming ghosts at the end of our present life carnation.

Elizabeth Paddon is an INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL CONSULTANT, PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR, AUTHOR -Metaphysical Books, Christian Spiritualist Minister since 1993, Rostrum Medium since 1986, Reiki Master & Karuna Ki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist and has a PhD. in Alternative Healing.

Our spiritual teachers come from all walks of life and are there in every situation we encounter; therefore, it cannot come as any surprise to find that the ghosts we meet along life’s way are teaching us things we may not have dreamed of yet.

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The Soul Saver - Elizabeth Paddon

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  • 29th Jan 2019
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