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Reverend John Chafer Spiritual Medium

Essex, United Kingdom


Mediumship / Psychic

About Blue Arrow and Myself.

First of all I must say, that I am a communicator between the spirit world and the people on earth,

we are not special people, we just communicate between the earth, and the spirit world giving messages from people who have passed over, to the spirit world.

Blue is a Native American Indian who has been working with me for a few years,

and I met Blue when I was sitting in circle one day.

It all started, when I was a youngster, and yes I did have an imaginary friend, but I was a quiet boy, whereupon I kept myself to myself, quite happy to be alone, than be with someone else.

My first experience of seeing spirit, or spirit energy as some people call it, was when I was 19 years old, and I was in the middle of a field, no houses nearby, and no noise, when I saw an image of an elderly lady as clear as anything, but then quick as a flash she disappeared, just out of sight, I thought it was my eyes, but found out three days later, that the lady had passed over two days earlier to the spirit world, and that she used to walk her dogs in the field that I had been in....


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  • 22nd Oct 2017
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