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Raising Consciousness - Spiritual Life Coach, Healer and Meditation Teacher.

Liverpool Wellbeing Centre, Rodney Street, Liverpool, UK


Spiritual Development

This is a time when our consciousness is shifting into unknown, uncharted territory. New experiences are occurring or being felt which may not make any sense, especially when analysed with the mind.

How can I help?
I am here to hold a safe and uplifting space in order for your self-unfolding to take place. No matter what you’re going through or how bizarre the experiences we can explore what's going on and what it means to you.
As a Life Coach I can help you to become more aware of your higher purpose and how to live it in each and every moment. Your future plans are evaluated from a place of balance & alignment so that which is for the highest good manifests with ease and grace.

As a counsellor I am a healer of the Soul. Discordant patterns can be seen and transformed. Hard work transforms into a more playful way of being and living.
I have over 20 years experience on my “spiritual” journey. After attending many workshops I realised that all the answers are inside us. That's the secret! The question is, “Can you access the keys to unlock your full potential?” What if each of us has a blueprint which was agreed before incarnation and it contains all our potentials manifestations during this lifetime and beyond? Now imagine the whole Universe lining up to support your amazing desires, plans and creativity.

This sums up my unique style of life coaching. If all or some of it resonates with you please get in touch to explore the possibility of us working together. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain!

In one to one sessions I offer a safe space to help you get clarity and move forward in whatever area of your life is stuck or needs additional support. I am trained in life coaching, healing and meditation.
I believe in Spirit & our limitless nature.

VISIT WEBSITE 0777-155-6736

Raising Consciousness - Spiritual Life Coach, Healer and Meditation Teacher.

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