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Psychic Fiona

51 Derryhollagh Road, Randalstown, Antrim, UK


Mediumship / Psychic

Fiona Stewart Williams is a gifted Psychic Medium who was aware of her abilities from a very early age. She would see dead people in a room, when others couldn’t she would have knowledge of events before they happened. Yes when she was young it often frightened her, especially when waking up to find an apparition standing just feet away. Her Father was indeed a great family man also a very kind and warm gentleman. A Missionary in the West Indies, a Methodist Minister in the 1970s in the heart of the Shankill in Belfast and indeed the troubles of Northern Ireland. A man who was deeply respected by all. One day, whilst he was receiving a routine procedure in the Victoria Hospital in Belfast, he came in spirit form to the 10 year old Fiona to tell her his psychical life was now over and his Soul was now in the spirit world.

Their life as a family would never be the same again, however, it lead this talented child (who now wows audiences as far and wide as Europe and the USA) on a course of helping people all over the World.

When asked about what motivates her, Fiona was quite succinct in her reply. "My duty while here, is to assist people, understand their life's purpose and help them achieve it by the Psychic Guidance I give. My work with the spirit world is to prove the eternal existing of the living soul and alleviate the fear of death.”
When asked about her Supernatural Activities events were she visits allegedly haunted stately homes, Old Work House and 400 year old cottages, She continued "It is so fascinating to be able to interview those souls that have lived in a different era and can comment on how the current world conditions have altered and changed through the years. Without a doubt it is indeed a rather exciting opportunity”.
Her demonstrations of mediumship are never dull. Her effervescent personality and natural humour puts people at ease as she reunites friends and family from the other side of life, beautifully connected again through a bridge of love. Laughter through tears are expected at Fiona’s amazing live demonstrations of mediumship.
Her path has been one of more than 30 years in the learning. She decided that to be at the forefront of her calling she would have to learn from the best. Rather like those choosing and qualifying for Oxford or Cambridge. Fiona studied at the world renowned Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in England. "Not quite Hogwarts" she laughs "but not mainstream curriculum either." A journey of intense energy and deep learning is how she best described her learning path. Several decades later and she is still at the top of her game, albeit most recognised through her flower sentience demonstrations (one of the oldest forms of mediumship).
Without a doubt, one of the most recognised, best loved and long standing Irish Psychic Medium Fiona is keen to assist, where she can.

"I am sought as a teacher to assist working Psychic Mediums or by mentoring those less experienced who wish to work with spirit or understand more about the psychic arts.

She regularly Demonstrates Mediumship and Tutors Workshops, Residential Courses and Development Classes throughout the western world. One of the few with the ability to see Auras and a practising Tarot-scope interpreter, Fiona is indeed a fascinating person.

VISIT WEBSITE 07973 491180

Psychic Fiona

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  • 10th Jan 2020
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VISIT WEBSITE 07973 491180

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