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My name is Darren Leigh and I am a Spiritual Therapist and Founder of Spiritual Energetics.

I have always been connected to spirit or what I call the conscious connection, this has given me understanding in to this world and others.
The world is energy and being able to tap into this and create the energy around us gives each of us everything we need to become happy.
Over the years I have been seen in spiritual churches on platform giving demonstrations of mediumship. I have run my own workshops and courses in many locations giving people the connection they need to be able to work as a medium and healer.
Although I still provide readings, my main work is helping people heal themselves, using 'Spiritual Energetics' this modality of healing has been a life long journey one that has given me the insight to give this to others to heal.
To know more visit my website or drop me an email.

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Darren Leigh - Spiritual Therapist, Founder of Spiritual Energetics
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