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Paul Dane - Gong Space

Reading, UK


Sound Healing

“…when the sound began I thought; ‘if the stars could sing this is what they would sound like’. As the sound got louder and louder I felt like a flower was opening up inside my head…”

Paul brings the remarkable healing energy of the planetary gongs to lifestyle and wellbeing venues, often working alongside yoga, mediation and other practitioners

In sound healing, gongs are recognised as the most powerful tool available. Regular work with specific planetary gongs brings healing at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It can also support the mind; as a catalyst for deep reflection, self realisation, inner growth, and transformation.

To facilitate these outcomes Paul combines his gong work with the Reiki channel to help people gain deep subconscious empowerment, remove blockages, generate a more positive attitude and inspire creativity.

In addition, Paul is a gong tutor, trainer and mentor.

What is the gong experience like?

At a surface level, many people find the gong experience deeply relaxing. The magnificent depth, breadth and diversity of sounds that the gongs create is unlike anything we experience in our ‘normal world’. Aside from the healing energies that these gongs are designed to create, their sound ‘crowds out’ the mind space that most of us use to worry and ruminate. So they offer a great way to let go and take time out from the stresses of everyday life.

Being immersed in the sound of the gong tends to bring people whatever experiences they need in the moment. The gong experience changes rapidly as the listener relaxes into it and no two experiences are ever the same. Some people might fall into a nourishing, trance like, sleep. Whilst others might experience altered states of consciousness or visions.

Some people even find their experiences with the gong life changing!

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