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Naad Yoga - Sound Alchemy




Naad Yoga

Naad Yoga dates back to Ancient India and teaches self - mastery through the use of Sound. “Naad” (in Sanskrit) is generally translated as “universal sound current” and describes any sound which is audible to the human ear. Through Sound, we communicate our thoughts and feelings to the outside world, and Naad, therefore, can be called the Sound of emotions. The term Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yog” or “Jog” which means “capability” to unite all aspects of one’s being.

It is a transformative process of bringing discipline into life and nurturing our inner capability to unite the physical body, the mind, and the soul - the three main elements of existence. Naad Yoga, therefore, means “Yoga of Sound” or “Alchemy of Sound”.

The goal of Naad Yoga is to achieve a state of Oneness by developing one’s innate capability to listen, communicate and create a balance between the body, mind and soul. When practising Naad Yoga, we engage in an alchemical process, where feelings and emotions are transformed and refined using the medium of Sound. As a result, we grow personally and spiritually and gain the ability to transform pain and suffering into bliss.

The Core Elements of Naad Yoga:

Developing your natural voice
Deepening your listening skills
Mastery over Pitch and Rhythm
Emotional Agility
The science of Raags
The use of Sabd
The art of Mantr (Mantra)
Conscious Communication
Contemplation & Meditation
The interplay of Sound & Psyche

Available Courses:

Sound Alchemist
The Sound Alchemist course is for everyone who seeks a deeper connection with life, a deeper understanding of oneself and a path towards inner peace. It opens a spiritual door to the human psyche using Sound.

Naad Yoga Teacher Training
The Naad Yoga Teacher Training course is for those who feel called to explore the depth of their being through the medium of Sound, and to support their community as teachers, performers and leaders.

Sound Therapist
The Sound Therapist Course is a practitioner-focused programme created for professional therapists and coaches. It is an excellent way to enhance your therapeutic skills and harness the healing potential of Sound.

Jap - Articulating Inner-Attainment
Live, online course (over 40 weeks), exploring Guru Nanak Ji’s composition “Japji”
Its pronunciation, purpose and application in our lives.

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Yogi of Sound - My name is Surinder Singh, and I have dedicated my life to sound. I explore the healing potential of sound and how this affects the human psyche. This includes the spiritual aspects of sound and how sound serves as a direct connection between the mind and soul. I have spent more than 40 years studying the science of sound and have experienced its curative power first-hand.
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