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Meta Speech

Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom


Mediumship / Psychic

Becoming aware of yourself as an immortal soul is both emotional and incredibly inspiring. It can positively influence and change your life forever. ​Meta Speech, a form of Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), makes this possible. As a result, you no longer need to rely upon the medium's interpretation of what the spirits around you are saying - you can actually hear them!

So how does the Meta Speech process work? Well, it can take place on either a face-to-face basis or by telephone. The sessions are approximately 30 minutes long, during which time we will simply chat, discussing any contact with the spirit world you would like to make and any specific questions you would like answered. Or maybe you simply want proof of survival? All of these things and more are possible with Meta Speech, including contact with spirit guides and glimpses into past lives.

The mechanics are of a very metaphysical nature, but put simply I 'move' my consciousness, or ego, to one side whilst we are talking. This allows the spirit world to use me in order to lay down the messages on the recording.

​Once recorded, I will search for the spirit voices on the 'tape' and then send them to you via email, with full explanations and other insights. Once you have listened to them, I am more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

​In hundreds of sessions I've conducted, I have not once failed to pick up spirit voices. I can never guarantee who might turn up, but I know 'someone' will. Indeed, Meta Speech for many people is audio evidence for survival of the soul. As a Psychic Medium and a qualified Hypnotherapist with over 30 years of experience, I simply act as a knowledgeable guide and help to provide a framework and context.

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  • 4th Jan 2018
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