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LYFE ESSENCE - Life Coaching

London, United Kingdom


Life Coaching

My name is Laurel Lau, and I am transformational coach.

In my final year at university I was walking to an early morning business class, as I would any other day. My phone rang. It was my mother, crying. When she managed to speak she explained, “Last night I dreamt I was jumping off a building. It felt so peaceful. I wish I could die sooner, rather than later.”
Her words left me cold. It feel like someone had thrown my heart in the dirt and stomped on it.

Tears welled in my eyes. I felt utterly helpless. This, and other incidents like it, sparked my interest in emotional freedom.

Since then, it’s been my mission in life to master the art of feeling all that wonderful emotion without being governed by it.

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  • 9th Oct 2017
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Laurel - My name is Laurel Lau, and I am transformational coach.
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