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Louise Peyton

Newtown, Thetford IP24 3AU, UK



My name is Louise and I love sharing my knowledge teaching practitioner courses in EFT, TBP, Angelic Reiki and Metatron Colour Healing in Thetford, being on the border of Suffolk I am very close to Bury St Edmunds. Also I offer a variety of other spiritual based workshops, Pendulum Dowsing, Manifesting with angels, crystal Grids and Mandalas, Angel Ascension, Dragon Ascension, and more. Helping people empower themselves to reach their full potential is something I am passionate about and which I find so rewarding. Colour Mirrors readings are available for insight into situations or if you feel stuck or at a crosswords in life. It is my belief that you can’t look at overall health, fitness and wellbeing without taking into account the body and mind as a whole; everything is connected. Therefore I work holistically looking at the physical/emotional/energetic and nutrional aspects as a one enabling you to be the best you can be, helping you reach your full potential. I also make orgonite products pyramids and charging plates and other resin art pieces.

VISIT WEBSITE 01842762099

Louise Peyton

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VISIT WEBSITE 01842762099

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