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Life Alignment Healing London

10 Green Rd, Reading RG6 7BS, UK


Energy Work

Life Alignment is all about integration.

Structure with flow, reason with intuition, reason with emotion, mind, body, spirit and soul with one another, and just about whatever modalities of healing and self-care you care to mention with the needs and highest purpose of the client.

The healing technique has been around for more than 20 years and is practiced worldwide.

It uses energy healing in that it works with the major and minor chakras to help bring healing and balance to multiple layers and aspects of the energy body- the energy of the parts, organs and systems of the body, the subtle bodies of the aura, the causal and light bodies, as well as the meridians.

And it combines this with deep intuitive processing. The client integrates his or her narrative self-concept, with the emotions that the body is holding, the cognitive understanding of self-within-the world, and most importantly, with the superconscious or meta-cognitive Universal Mind.

A Life Alignment balancing session is typically a rich source of wonder for both client and practitioner.

Most balances, when taken to a point of high integration, bring feelings of joy, love, bliss, peace and profound expansion of being, which in turn requires that the whole notion of self and reality is questioned and re-created at a higher level of understanding and vibrational frequency. This complements and adds to any other techniques that are being used to benefit the client on his or her journey, and is applicable in all contexts in which meaning, and energy, have a role to play in well-being.

Courses, free talks and demos, as well as short open workshops are held throughout the year.

There are a range of expert practitioners available to work with.

The founder of Life Alignment, Dr Jeff Levin (Doctor of Natural Medicine), teaches or conducts several open group workshops every year in London.

VISIT WEBSITE 020 3551 8790
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VISIT WEBSITE 020 3551 8790

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