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I Speak with Animals

Roxburghshire, Jedburgh, UK


Animal Communicators

How can Animal Communication Help you and your Pets?

People ask for an animal communication with pets who are here and those who have passed over, for many reasons.
To ask questions like:

Are they happy?
Are they in pain?
What can you do for them?
Have they been with you in a past life?
Will they come back to be with you again in this life?

Your pets can explain:

Why they do THAT behaviour and how you can help them stop
What they need from you
What experiences have made them behave the way they do
What therapies they feel will help their health problems
They get to express their feelings for you

And much more...

Rescued animals can be helped so much by a communication. Some need to talk about what happened, others need to tell us how we can help them to recover from their past.

Older pets can let you know how they are feeling.

Sick animals can tell you how they feel.
Some puppies like to choose their own name!

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I Speak with Animals

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  • 3rd Jul 2019
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Kathy . - My name is Kathy Zablotzky. I'm an Animal Communicator
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