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Heart Medicine with Charlie Thomas

Eastleigh, Southampton, UK



I am here to serve, to help you on your healing journey and give guidance at the times you may feel you need it most. Through my intuitive healing methods, I offer you a space to explore and assist you in remembering the wisdom that is stored deep within you.

Intuitive Energy Healing
Led by my heart, and guided by spirit, I combine the healing modalities of Reiki and Crystal healing therapies into what I call Intuitive Energy Healing. Ideal for relaxation and peace of mind, or if you feel the call it can be used for deep heart healing and a greater connection to self.

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings
Attuned intuitively to the divine truth and inspiration that a card reading can offer, I create a safe space of discovery for you. Ideal if you are seeking guidance and clarity in an area of your life, or if you feel the call to dig deeper a reading can be used to explore your shadows and excavate parts that no longer serve you.

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Heart Medicine with Charlie Thomas

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VISIT WEBSITE 07553664847
Heart Medicine with Charlie Thomas - I have been reading cards and practicing aspects of Intuitive Energy Healing for the last five years. My journey is ongoing, a path I will ever be walking. As I continue to grow and work on developing myself, I envisage the shifts and expansions in what it is I will give the world. At present, I offer up heart medicine. Ask yourself, how does your heart feel? I make available a safe space for you to connect more deeply with yourself, with your truth. I am guided by my intuition, and my connection to spirit. I draw on my own life experiences, from the messy to the beautiful*. I’m a witch. I’m a healer. A combination of stardust and dirt. I weave the magick with the mundane. A rebel. A beacon of light. A catalyst for change. I am a believer in all faiths. I walk the the space in-between. I’m my own hero, and I hold out my hand for you to rise up to be yours. Stand in your power, stand in your grace. Love wildly and live with unwavering passion. Look into those deepest of hidden places you hold within, and begin to heal. You hold the key to setting yourself free, I am here to help you on the journey to illuminate your darkness and discover the lock.
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