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Heart Meditation Centre

London, UK


Meditation / Mindfulness

The Benefits of Heart Meditation

The Fountain of Inner Peace

All of us in our busy lives are in search of inner peace. The quest for inner peace has indeed been the beginning of many methods and meditation techniques. In reality inner peace can only be achieved through a calm and clear connection between our mind and heart.
It is with this connection in mind that many centuries ago teachers on the path of inner peace created a meditation technique that through the use of ancient rhythms can help each person to develop a clear link between his or her mind and heart. This meditation exercise is based on a ladder of rhythms, which create an ever deeper channel of inner emptiness for each participant between his or her mind, and heart; which is indeed their fountain of innate wisdom, peace and love.
These exercises transcend religions and belief systems as they focus the seeker’s attention on one of the key things we all have in common: our heart and the unlimited potential it holds.

Scientific Research

Based on recent scientific research carried out by the Heart Math Institute, our heart is enclosed in magnetic and electric fields that are many times more powerful than those produced by our brain. In fact the brain continuously synchronises its activities with the electro-magnetic pulse of the heart, and when a person is relaxed and quiet, their breathing and blood pressure also become synchronised. Therefore, through active meditation techniques, we can alter our heart frequency, our brain waves, and ultimately our hormonal secretion, all of which enables us to develop a process by which we can improve, our sense of inner peace. As a result, heart based meditation techniques, such as the one taught in our workshops, can be an important step in achieving Stress Relief, healthy mind and body, as well as providing other therapeutic benefits. For ultimately the health of our bodies and mind is largely dependent on our state of inner peace.

What to Expect The workshops and sessions we hold provide an introduction to Heart Meditation, based on the principles outlined in the book “Heart Meditation”: Through the use of specific ancient rhythms, played on a Daf (hand frame) drum, this meditation technique guides the practitioner inwards on the path of inner peace. All workshops have a theoretical and a practical element. The theoretical discussions will be based on the following subjects:

~ How to recognise & remove troublesome thoughts / stress from your daily life and outlook
~ How to develop your connection to your heart through meditation
~ How to develop your knowledge of your heart through personal experiences
~ How to employ these techniques in your life, to establish a continuous state of inner peace

The practical section will cover different meditation techniques starting with the use of rhythms, maintaining constant contact with your heartbeat, and breathing techniques. Participants will be encouraged to play some simple rhythms, for which we will provide Daf drums. Slowly, over a number of sessions each student will develop his or her own experiences that will help them to evolve and attain personal inner peace.


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Heart Meditation Centre

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  • 4th Oct 2019
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Beverley Eve - Our website is dedicated to the book ‘Heart Meditation; an introduction to Gnostic Heart meditation’ by Dr Seyed M. Azmayesh. The ancient Gnostic heart meditation is a spiritual exercise,
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