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A Journey in Health, More Fun & Wellness

London, UK



I'm all about living a life in balance & harmony as best I can.
I don't always get this right and while my life hasn't been the toughest road to navigate, certainly compared to some you hear about, it certainly hasn't always flowed in a joyful, abundant and exciting way, which I'm beginning to enjoy more of now.
That's not to say it all runs smoothly with ease & effortless joy now either...I still have moments, which can last for weeks or even months which I could do without...
However, what I am seeing now, due to practices I now keep as part of my daily routine, and tools I have learnt along the way to support me, I am far more able to manage any stresses which come my way, with a greater sense of calm, focus and resilience, due to what I have learnt (and am still learning) and what I have studied and trained in to help others find their more healthy way too.

It's become clear to me, that maintaining a focus on leading a life I love, even when I don't always get that right (I am human after all...and we're all allowed to have off days and days to indulge), is far more beneficial to me in the long term, than continuing to focus on what I do not want to experience, emotionally, physically and in the environment I live & work in.
...and as such, this group is about helping others to live this way too.

So I welcome questions, discussion and ideas, which can help & support us all to lead that life we dream of, so that we're all in a more empowered place to pay forward what we have to offer as well.

Welcome one & all.
With love,
Mary Jane

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What does it mean to live with health, wellness & vitality...?

This forum is about discussing challenges we may have with health, wellness and vitality and offering ideas, insights, help and support to one another to create this for ourselves and others.

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What is happening when we become unwell?
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VISIT WEBSITE 07516 796537
MaryJane Newman - Mary Jane is a life coach & practitioner of EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, which along side her studies in Meta-Health & Ayurveda and many years experience facilitating behaviour change courses and working one-to-one, give her a breadth of knowledge and skill to help make your time with her welcoming, rewarding & worthwhile for you to make the changes you want to see in your own life.
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