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Feng shui

🌹 When a flower doesn't flourish, you fix the environment, not the flower. You are affected by everything that surrounds you physically, mentally, or energetically.

Think of yourself as a battery. When a battery is in the wrong way round, it doesn't work. Just like a battery has plus and minus contacts, the Earth has North and South Poles. If you want to absorb nurturing energy from your environment, you need to connect to it in the right way.

By fixing your environment, you can nurture yourselves for better
✅ Health
✅ Relationships
✅ Prosperity

When REAL Feng Shui is used to fix your environment, you get charged up with vital energy.
🍀 Real Feng Shui Master shows you exactly how to do that.

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Zenwise - Author, Nature Shows You How To Feng Shui Your Health & Seer of Sound Heart Dharani. Feng Shui Master Teacher. Descendant of the legendary Sage-King Xia Yu, Controller of the Water. Trained since childhood in classical Chinese metaphysics and has been teaching and consulting internationally since 1999.
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