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Akashic Connections Retreat

Akashic Connections Retreat at Dev Aura, Little London, Tetford, Lincolnshire LN9 6QL with Vicky Sweetlove, £1845.00 (book here) from Sunday 31st July to Friday 6th August 2022 The retreat will include all meals starting with dinner on Sunday evening and finishing with breakfast on the Saturday morning and 6 nights accommodation and Akashic Records tuition with Vicky. You will receive on completion of the retreat and your case studies a certificate of completion as an akashic records practitioner. Akashic Wisdom is a journey of self discovery and transformation and change with working in the Akashic Records of yourself and others. If you would like to come on a journey of self discovery and have the awareness and be ready for change and transformation. Then you can become the chrysalis that turns into the beautiful butterfly. We will be doing inner work on ourselves looking deep into our body internally and also working on the external body field. Working with a timeline of your past present and future. Knowing our shadowside and as Carl Jung states “The Shadowside is 90% pure gold”. Working in our own Akashic Records with Akashic wisdom will help you to understand the shadowside as we delve into our past life experiences and childhood traumas. We can then learn to understand other peoples inner conflicts and problems and be non-judgemental. The week will include the programme below plus more surprises as we connect and meet together as a sharing group, holding our intentions for one another each day. We will be in nature and having meditations and journeying into the Akashic Records and learning how to open and close the records for ourselves and others in sacred prayer. Come and join us for a fun transformative week in the Akashic Records. Vicky has been teaching and giving Akashic Record readings for over 15 years transforming peoples lives on all levels For more information, email: [email protected]
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VISIT WEBSITE 01526323809 (Vicky Sweetlove)

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