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Gratitude is The Love Frequency: Guided Meditation and Journaling Workshop

When we shift our focus to being Grateful and Appreciative throughout more of our day, it's a game-changer. Gratitude resides within the Love Frequency--you cannot be stressed, anxious, angry, fearful or doubtful when you exercise and practice Gratitude. It is a way to open our hearts to what is working in our lives and shifts the focus away from our seemingly never-ending problems as well as being an amazing gift to ourselves in self-care and self-development. Like begets like, the more Gratitude we allow our selves to feel, the more good-feeling Vibes and things we experience and share! One of the great avenues to exercising a Gratitude Practice is through meditation and journaling. To dig deep, one must get clear and Clarity, Connection and Alignment can be accessed through meditation, with guided meditation operating as the tour guide providing an express flight to calm, particularly if you struggle with getting your mind quiet... "Guided Meditation is SAGE for Your Mind..." --Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness And talking to the pages of a journal is a sacred communion of self with Self. It is a way to get inside ourselves with insightful and probing eyes. In that practice, we can make changes if we chose to and can recognize where these changes need to be made as a result of having deeper insight. The guided meditation serves as a gateway to your self-communication on paper. In this 90 minute online workshop, we will begin with a guided meditation designed to soothe, calm, center and ground as you receive stress and anxiety relief with my StressBusters Guided Meditation. To talk Truth to the page, you must start with a calm and clear head. Let go of mental stress, anxiety and worry as you immerse in the healing arts of Sound Healing, Visualization and Intention through the soothing tones of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, receive simple and clear instruction and glide upon the sound of my voice. Then the focus shifts to writing. Affirmations, mantras and visualization to help open you to the things you are Grateful for, to lift your Spirit. Having a Gratitude Practice is a "Frequency Shot" to give yourself when reserves and spirits are low and under siege. Being able to tap into the frequency of GRATITUDE is a powerful Essence to rock -n- roll with, it shifts your perspective which is everything. Y?OU have more power than you probably realize, in this workshop, I help guide you to be able to tap into it more readily. You will need pens, paper or if you wish, a journal for future reference and updating. You can also use a device of your choice, but I strongly suggest the written word by your hand (even if your handwriting is hopeless, as long as YOU can read it that's all that matters). We'll wrap up our workshop with another guided meditation leaving you feeling uplifted, calmer and in a good headspace to step forward with Purpose. A laptop or tablet to access the session is suggested. If you're using your phone, make sure you either have a tripod or be very clear where and how you will prop it up prior to the workshop so that it is not a distraction to you. "I'm not usually good at meditating, as I have trouble focusing and sitting still. Almost immediately, Jacquie's calming voice and presence made me calm yet alert. The visuals in her guided meditation were also extremely helpful, as they gave my creative mind an opportunity to paint a picture and ward off intrusive thoughts. I also liked the singing and meditative tones. It was a beautiful background for the visuals. Overall, Jacquie helped me reach a place of calmness and peace that I haven't felt in a long time. I would definitely follow her again!" --Allison Abrams URLs: Tickets: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Price: Empowerment Workshop: USD 68.77 Speaker: Jacquie Bird Time: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
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