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Sound Medicine Conference

Sound Medicine Conference
Coming to the South West... Sound Medicine Conference With Suara & Friends DOG FRIENDLY...the more dogs the merrier I say. Dogs are welcome in the hotel and the conference. Duke of Cornwall Hotel Millbay Road Plymouth PL1 3LG 01752 275850 To book a room: Special conference rate - Single room including breakfast £75 Double room including breakfast £95 Please ring the hotel direct and mention the Conference rates TO BOOK THE CONFERENCE £97 for 1 day £190 weekend rate. Full refunds are available 4 weeks before event, after which no refunds will be issued. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO BOOK YOUR PLACE SPECIAL GIFT LIMITED EDITION TUNING FORK FOR EVERY GUEST PURCHASING A WEEKEND TICKET Bring your own lunch or lunch is available from the hotel. Places are limited to please book early On this Sound Energy Medicine Conference you will explore how sound healing works as sonic vibrational medicine to raise the consciousness of all those who learn this powerful healing modality. When consciousness is raised, we can tune into our Dharma, our genuine life purpose from a place of authentic peace. The conference will consist of talks from very gifted pioneers in their field and be an experiential gathering where you will get to hear and play first hand how to raise your vibration of yourself, family, children, friends, clients, animals, water, trees, plants, sacred sites, Mother Earth and the planet plus much more. Debbi Walker will be presenting her work on Global Animal Healing With Tuning Forks. Getting to meet within her presentation the animals who 'spoke' to her Soul who guided her to this work out into the world. Pioneers will be presenting on their work in this field. You will get to experience tuning forks, gongs, shamanic drumming, Tibetan bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gong, Over toning, toing, voice, percussion, flute and kirtain. We will raise the roof with sound healing sending our message of healing loving peace, far and wide. You will move to the Rhythm of your heart and create new ways of awareness. This is a high vibe, meet your tribe kind of event. You will feel enlightened, happy and joyful being with like minded people for the weekend. You will make friends who resonate at your heart frequency. Your heart will feel open and free. An incredible weekend awaits. PRESENTERS AND WORKSHOPS DEBBI WALKER – The Use of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy for the Health and Well Being of People, Animals and ALL Nature. HOW TO FORK YOURSELF - Self practice with the tuning forks. DEBBI WALKER – Using Tuning Fork Sound Therapy as Vibrational Energy Medicine for Healing DEBBIE CLAYTON - Harmonic Alignment Singing through our Ancestors. AMMAPREMA - Tibetan Bowls & their healing possibilities and The Sacred Potential of Gongs and Crystal Bowls with a Soundbath CROW FURGUSON – The Art of Birthing the Shamanic Drum, Drumming for Healing and Percussion JAYSON STILWELL - Channelling your Authentic Voice - Overtoning and Vocal Toning BARDS OF AVALON – BEA AND DAVID – How to conduct a Soundbath for you and your friends: A experiential workshop LANDA – KIRTAN - The Power of Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan COLLEEN TUCKER – Chair of The British Complementary Medicine Association. The future of Complementary Medicine.
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