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Honour Your Energy

We will gently guide you on how to use a simple technique to transform your own energy so that you are feeling fantastic and ready for the month ahead! You can expect to work through some of the following during each session: Clear your own energy Ensure all your chakras and aura are clear and open Release any subconscious resistance in your energy Discuss and learn about the current astrological, luna and seasonal impact on your energy Align your energy to a high vibrational place for the month ahead Connect with other open-hearted and like-minded souls Laugh and relax as you gift yourself the time of energy healing and alignment The workshops are two hours long, and you can expect to let “stuff” go during the transformation.
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Ruthy Doolittle
Ruthy Doolittle - I am a holistic therapist offering Animal Communication, Holistic Animal Care and Transformation Energy Therapy.

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