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Divine Feminine in Egypt November 2019

Divine Feminine in Egypt November 2019
Do you feel called to the land of Egypt? Do you long to discover your past lives and connect with the temples of ancient times? The Nile priestesses are returning. On this sacred pilgrimage, we will travel down the Nile and enter the temples and sacred sites, connecting with the energy of the Neteru, the Gods and Godessess of ancient Egypt. Our journey begins in Luxor, the ancient capital of Thebes, and the magnificent Karnak temple, gateway to the mysteries, where you will be initiated with Sekhmet, Goddess of fierce healing power and alchemical transformation. In the place of Amun Ra, you will walk through the seven gates and begin the process of inner transformation and healing. Our group will enjoy sister circles and healing chakra meditations, as we travel to the temples of Hathor at Denderah, Queen Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Queens, the precinct of Sekhmet Mut, and embark on our boat trip down the Nile. This most magical and mysterious of all rivers is pure healing, and as our journey unfolds, awakening happens naturally with the vibrations of the land. Along the Nile we will visit the temples of Horus and Sobek, connecting with the Divine Masculine and the deep kundalini energy. Arriving at Aswan, our journey culminates with the Isis temple at Philae Island, and a day trip to Abu Simbel out in the desert. We will integrate all the energies into the Heart chakra and complete our priestess journey. Throughout the trip, you will have access to individual healing support if desired, and sacred time to connect with your divine feminine soul sisters in an intimate friendly group. Working with Egyptian oils, Sekhem healing, chakra activations and sharing circles, you will have the opportunity to be reborn as you reconnect with your ancient lives, returning and reawakening to embody your true soul essence. Places are limited to 12 women. All enquiries: [email protected]
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Katy Sophia
Katy Sophia - As a Wayshower I can show you how to come back into balance, into alignment with your Soul Path, and apply appropriate remedies so that change really takes hold and blossoms in your life. Once you commit to the journey, your Life will never be the same. I specialise in helping you to clear away anything that limits you so you can reveal the radiance of who you truly are. When there is nothing hindering you there is no limit to who you can be, and what you can achieve. You find soul alignment and become truly powerful. I work with the tools of astrology, healing, meditation, and coaching in one to one sessions; I also run groups, courses and retreats. I love group process, and working with sacred cycles, astrological portals and sacred sites.

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