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Introduction to META-Consciousness

What is META-Consciousness? According to META-Consciousness, there is not only a mind-body connection but actually a very precise organ-mind-brain-social connection. Each area of our brain corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience. Examples: - Skin (epidermis) – Cerebral Cortex – Separation – conflict - Lungs (alveoles) – Brain Stem – Fear of death – conflict - Breast (mammary gland) – Cerebellum Worry – Argument – conflict “95% of all illness is caused through stress” Dr Bruce Lipton Nature hasn’t made a mistake! Our organism, and specifically the organ-mind connection, is way more “hardwired and bio-logically organised” than we have thought in the past. If this is difficult to take in, then the flat earth to round earth must have been pretty much the same when the story first emerged. Is META-Consciousness of value to you? Do you have powerful transformation tools but you would like faster access to understand what conflicts are behind certain physical symptoms? Are you intuitive and can see the link between body and emotions but want more knowledge about our bio-logical system, to explain that to your clients, friends and family? Would you like to apply the knowledge for yourself so you can use your body as your best teacher? Are you curious to find out why me, why that organ, why not this organ, why now, why him/her not them? Do you have a personal or professional interest in health issues? Would you like to cut down the hours of trying to find the root of the problem?! Do you feel frustrated with the medical system – does it feel limiting for you or your clients? Do you or your clients suffer from recurrent health issues that are not getting better? Do you want to discover a precise scientific medical model that includes the whole of the body, makes sense and can help restore you and your clients to full health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this 2-day workshop is for you. To find out more & book at the remarkable rate of "BOOK ONE PLACE, GET ONE FREE" for a limited time only, follow this link:
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Penny  Croal
Penny Croal - After forays into several successful careers and companies, today I offer wisdom, pathos and compassion in a range of disciplines that, together, embody my deeply held belief in the mind-body connection. As a results-oriented practitioner I only offer modalities that have proven themselves and speak through their outcomes.

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