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Holistic Well-Being Workshop: Living Lens Training

Holistic Well-Being Workshop: Living Lens Training
Would you like to reveal a happier, healthier version of yourself? You don't need to be a therapist to use the Living Lens Holistic Health Disk. The Living Lens holistic health disk is your very own personal, on demand, holistic health device that can be used discreetly almost anywhere. Join the one-day training and learn how to use the Living Lens to clear old thought patterns that are holding you back. With the Living Lens holistic health device, you can quickly re-wire your brain with a process called Neuro Pathway Regeneration. NPR clears the way for a happier, healthier version of yourself to be revealed. And, as an extra bonus, you will also be able to help your family and friends become a better version of themselves too. More information on the website ********************************************************************** TESTIMONIALS “Thank you so much for today it was truly outstanding. I’m blown away by this. I’ve done MANY, MANY workshops on my journey and this truly takes it to another level. I gained so much from the day and am so excited to discover all the ways the Living Lens will help me. Having browsed the members-only Facebook Group and from reading the posts I realise just how much potential there is with the Living Lens. I love the fact that you keep the group nice and small and your style of teaching is fabulous. There is literally nothing I would have changed about the day. Again, thank you”. Zoe, Manchester says “A hidden gem, like the ‘magic wand’ you wished you had hidden under your chair, the Lens locates the trigger, targets the bull’s eye, re-formats the hard drive, and restores the system back to its full potential.” ********************************************************************** Are you willing to investigate the deeper, underlying programs that are holding you back? If the answer is yes, then learning how to use a Living Lens will greatly facilitate the positive change you desire. ********************************************************************** WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THIS TRAINING You don't need to be a therapist to receive this holistic health training. It was designed for adults over 21 years to learn and to use and with continual after training support, you will be guided on your very own path to better health and well-being. You will also be taught how to use the Living Lens on friends and family, and with practice, you may even consider becoming a professional and making a living as a Living Lens Practioner. The choice is yours. Please visit the website to learn more:
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