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THE SEEKERS QUEST - An Experiential Journey Through the Tarot This Course offers you an experience of the Tarot unlike any other. Rather than a Course to learn how to read the Tarot, this Course offers you the chance of a personal experience of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Due to the nature and energy of the Major Arcana and the cards it consists of, the Course provides a chance to explore yourself and the nature and purpose of your life in a way that nothing else can provide. During the 35 or so years that Steve Hounsome, the Course Tutor, has studied and worked with the Tarot, he has discovered that there is so much more to the cards than just using them to give readings. For many years Steve has wanted to offer a facility to tap into this and this Course is a realisation of this desire. The construction and energy of the Tarot gives us a perfect platform on which to base our personal and spiritual development and this is the basis and aim of this Course. Often called ‘The Journey of the Fool, the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana depict the development and path to wholeness of the human soul. From a beginning where we lack any awareness and intent, the cards show us methods and means on which we can build and follow the unfoldment of ourselves and lives as we journey towards its completion and fulfillment. The Course uses this structure, and the energy and power inherent within the cards, to provide you with the opportunity to discover and develop your own path to wholeness. There are a great many books that between them give us a wonderful wealth of knowledge about the Tarot and the Major Arcana in particular. However, the written word cannot provide a personal experience that is alive within us and it is this that is really required if we are to make use of the energy and power that the Major Arcana depicts and offers to us. The work within this Course will give you that chance. Following an Overview and Introduction to the nature of ‘The Seekers Quest’, the Course begins with ‘The Fool’ (or ‘The Seeker’) and spends a day with each card. This will involve a meeting with each card and your own experience of its’ energy. In combination with this and other methods of connecting with the energy of each card, the Course will take you on your own ‘Seekers Quest’ or sacred journey. Students may find that that the journey of the Course is mirrored in what they experience in themselves and their lives, allowing for this powerful inner work to take its full effect on the outer, practical level. On completion of the Course and the Quest, and as is the nature of the Major Arcana, students will find themselves as The Fool or Seeker once more, but this time aware and in full possession of who, what and why they are. WE WILL BE RUNNING A NEW COURSE IN 2019 - Please contact Steve Hounsome for more information.
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