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The Uniqueness of You with Mark Stone

The Uniqueness of You with Mark Stone Date: 24/11/2018 - 25/11/2018 Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Venue: Addington Village Hall Support from this world and the next to unfold the power of your own mediumship On this weekend with Mark Stone, we will have time to discuss your journey with your mediumship unfoldment and bring supportive and constructive advice from both this world and those in spirit who work with you. Mark believes (as did Glyn) that you are unique in your mediumship and that it is vitally important to have the time to share and discuss ideas, needs and issues of the individual. That in these discussions we can break down the walls, mental barriers and misconceptions about us and our mediumship that hold us back from being limitless in our mediumistic and spiritual power. Over the weekend, we will deal with your needs and issues and help you through practical exercises and helpful, insightful and applicable advice on how to continue your journey with whatever aspect of mediumship you are working with and bringing a greater clarity to your own view of what lies ahead for you… Let us be guided and supported by each other and the spirit world, let us get back to listening to the spirit within and without. This weekend is open to all levels of unfoldment and we will work with many aspects of mediumship to build the power and connection that can enhance the Uniqueness of You Light lunch is included on both days. Fee £95 To Book Please contact Jean for a booking form and payment details [email protected]
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VISIT WEBSITE 07772459780 (Jean)
The Glyn Edwards Spiritual Awareness Foundation
The Glyn Edwards Spiritual Awareness Foundation - Welcome to The Glyn Edwards Spiritual Awareness Foundation Glyn & Gordon Higginson Photo courtesy of Stephen Wollaston This Foundation honours the teachings and Spiritual direction of Glyn Edwards who is well loved and remembered by many within Spiritualism as a world renowned medium, teacher and author who worked closely with Gordon Higginson for very many years. This Foundation follows in the footsteps of Glyn’s desire to uphold the name of Gordon Higginson, his mentor and friend, who was one of the finest teaching and demonstrating mediums of the last century.

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