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Cooking with Wild Seaweeds

Cooking Demo with Ian O'Hollaren, founder of Seaquoia Wild Seaweeds & Nutrition Consultant Madia Jamgochian Did you know that sea vegetables, also known as seaweeds, are a nutritional powerhouse packed with protein, vitamins and minerals? Rich in iodine, sea vegetables can play an important role in providing thyroid support. Seaweeds are also high in calcium, folic acid and magnesium, as well as iron, potassium, and pantothenic acid. Of the brown variety, arame, hijiki, kelp, kombu and wakame are the most popular. Nori, a red seaweed, is perhaps the most well known variety being a main ingredient in sushi rolls. Studies have shown that sea vegetables have been consumed since at least 8000 B.C.E. by cultures in the Japanese region. Today, however, most people have strayed away from including sea vegetables in their every day diet. This class aims to change that by showing you how to utilize fresh sea vegetables harvested just up the coast from Santa Cruz. Madia and Ian will show you how to whip up 4-5 different recipes using fresh sea vegetables. Come hungry! About the Instructors: Ian O’Hollaren combined his knowledge and passion of the ocean and turned it into a business and lifestyle. For almost 2 years, Seaquoia Wild Seaweeds has been harvesting seaweeds from California’s unique and bio-diverse coastal ecosystem. Ian strives to connect people to the source of their food while promoting environmental awareness, which has been his business philosophy from the start! Madia graduated from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in 2013 after completing her BA in Environmental Studies and Exercise Sports Science at UCSB. Shortly after, she started her personal nutrition consulting business My Healing Habits. She enjoys educating on how to heal inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, and believes in the food-as-medicine approach. Location New Leaf Community Markets 1101 Fair Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060 United States




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