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VM Renewal Retreat-A One Day Retreat to Enhance Your Energy for Fall!

Are you on a path of Awakening? Have you been inspired by teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Rupi Kaur, or Louise Hay? What would you do if money and time were not an issue? Are you now wanting to experience a peace of mind and step INTO YOUR BEST LIFE? Feel deeply relaxed like never before at Vive Más Renewal Retreat where you will discover your true self, get creative, and obtain new skills to help you become your happiest, healthiest self. Authentically reconnecting your daily life to your true life's purpose. Be led into the newness of each moment with guided meditation, while connecting with your body during yoga, and sweating it out with a fun workout class. Taking some time to mindfully munch seasonal locally sourced, organic, plant based, vegan approved catered lunch! We challenge you to travel to different dimensions and get artistic during the DIY Workshop while acquiring healing tools to compliment your journey during our sacred space Power Talk Workshop. This exclusive day is a Holistic journey into your mind and body where you’ll feel lighter, brighter and ready to take on the next moment. Whether you are new to yoga and fitness or it is your favorite way to unwind, you’ll love learning and bonding with our passionate team of experts. Throughout the day you will feel nourished, balanced, and inspired which will lead you to a space of transformation and abundance. Your love for yourself will deepen, you will connect with Mother Nature and you will feel present in your body. August 4th doesn’t have to be just another day. Instead, it can be the day that you make the choice to live a more sustainable, energized life. We welcome you to be our guest and learn how to optimize your life with a eclectic group of people in a stunning bucolic environment. During this nourishing robust retreat you will experience: profound depth through 8 hours of immersive conscious healing. Rest, contemplation, and renewal. Natural alignment with the energy of Fall. The freshness of being outdoors and disconnected. Guidance into deep presence through meditation and spiritual inquiry Movements designed to efficiently help you access and live from your true essential self. Deep and sweet community connection A sense of how you’re able to grow, expand into, and give energy towards your intuitive self. A healing space where ALL of you is welcome...your fears and vulnerabilities, your challenges, ANYTHING. Nothing will be off limits!! A Day of Inspiration: 9AM-6PM “A One Day Renewal Retreat To Enhance Your Energy for Fall!” **PLEASE NOTE**This schedule is for reference of day only. Schedule is subject to change. Check In & Schmoozing 9:00AM •From the time you made the decision in your mind to attend this event you began to make the cause for your life to change. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome! Enjoy laughter, refreshments, and Excitement! YOGA 10AM-KASHA WRIGHT • Connect with mother nature through sound, breath & vibration. Learn how Kasha is able to keep herself present & love her present self. You will leave her class feeling more balanced and aware of not only your body but your environment as well. GROUP FITNESS 11AM-JENNY GARANINA • Sweating it out to the hottest beats, Jenny encourages her students to challenge themselves beyond the physical aspect of exercise. Which is why you will leave her class feeling lighter, both mentally and physically. LUNCH --12PM-GO EXPLORE THE FARM! • A mouthwatering seasonal catered organic lunch will be served. As you begin to slow your day down, you will have the opportunity to refuel during lunch while enjoying the laughter and camaraderie amongst friends. GUIDED MEDITATION 1:45PM-CHRISTINE BRENNAN • A powerful guided journey to clear energetic blockages with Reiki master Christine Brennan. Explore your mind and see how meditation can help transform deep challenge into joyful learning. DIY WORKSHOP 2PM-KALE LIKOVER • Kale leads his students into a space of renewal and imagination to create art from the heart with an intention to connect with the spirit of love. Through doing this, his methods teaches you how to manifest positivity into your life while contributing deep gratitude for yourself and the universe. POWER TALK 4PM-VENEɐ MCGEE Veneé’s teaching style alchemizes strategy and spirituality into a unique magic, yet it can also be spontaneous, fiery and energizing. Emphasizing a safe space zone, self-compassion and love beyond manifested conditions. Veneé ensures to create a secure, supportive and cherished space that is ideal for personal growth and spiritual transformation. WRAP UP 6PM We cannot express how proud and grateful we are for the interest you expressed by coming here today. But our work does not end here. We all need to continue working together as we face many challenges. We should continue to strive for peace and love for the world in which we live. We wish you all a safe & bountiful journey home.




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