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Yoga for Modern Age - A SKY Bayarea Retreat

Yoga For Modern Age - A SKY Bayarea Retreat In a fast paced bayarea life style, search for peace is no longer a luxury, meant for post retirement thinking. Individual peace is at the core of our holistic health. It is absolute need for survival in Bay area life style and culture. Founded by Shri. Vethathri Maharishi, SKY Meditation centers world wide, function with a charter to foster world peace through individual peace. Over 60 years, SKY Meditation Centers, have guided more than 10 million people world wide, to lead a peaceful life realizing Divine Consciousness, that too in a scientific and religion agnostic manner. Lets learn from one of the pioneers of the organization, Sr. Prof Balachandran, The tips and tricks to lead a successful, prosperous and peaceful life. Don't miss on this rare opportunity !!! Lead By : Sr. Prof. Balachandran and Jayanthi Balachandran Fees : $ 35 / Person. Questions: Karthik 4129611407, Murali Sreenivasan 510.456.8953; Rajendran - 408-390-1826 Course Details: Coming Soon Definitely it will be something, you are longing for ! Location Veterans Memorial Building, Mall Hall 301 Main St Pleasanton, CA 94566 United States



VISIT WEBSITE 4129611407 (SKY Meditation Center, Bay Area (affiliated to THE WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE... )

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