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Intentional Vegetable Feast Summer Edition

Our Mission The Intentional Vegetable Feast is a Paleo-style seasonal pop-up dinner in the Bay Area that features seasonal, organic, nutrient dense and sustainably sourced ingredients. Our goal is to bring community together to celebrate the nourishing qualities of our food and honor the chosen vegetable of the season. The Summer Feast's featured vegetable is CUCUMBER! Our Story: Lila and Kathryn came together with a dream of sharing their love of healthy and nourishing food with community. Lila's knowledge about holistic nutrition combined with Kathryn's cooking experience makes them the perfect pair to host a dinner that celebrates vegetables with their versatile uses, flavors and health benefits. The feast features a seasonal vegetable of the season prepared in various ways throughout the meal from beverage to appetizer to the main dish and even dessert. This feast is allergen-friendly and kindly omits gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nightshades and alliums. While we don't believe any of these food are "bad," the Intentional Vegetable Feast's goal is to cook-up a creative meal that is intended for all to enjoy. The meal takes some inspiration from the work of Weston A. Price and includes locally sourced, pasture raised and organic meat products to incorporate nutrient density. To us, nutrient density means food rich in vitamins and minerals that leaves you feeling satiated on a cellular level. Check out our past menus to get an idea of what we'll be serving. We value making this experience available for everyone. Contact us for a work trade position if you are in need of fincancial assistance. Location Neyborly- Poet's Corner 2043 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702 United States




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