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Beginner Tai Chi Classes By Xin Huang

Hana Holistic is proud to add Mr. Xin Huang as a new Tai Chi teacher to its staff. Xin has been teaching the beautiful Chen style of Tai Chi since 1998 and has influenced many students over his years of practice. The Chen family-style is the oldest form of Tai Chi styles. It is characterized by alternating fast/slow motion and bursts of power in what is called silk reeling. The name derives from the twisting and spiraling movements of the silkworm larva as it wraps itself in its cocoon, and to the metaphorical principle of "reeling the silk from a silk worm's cocoon”. Xin enjoys practicing daily Tai Chi and sharing his style with his students. He believes in its health benefits. He will be teaching a standard routine of simple steps to practice anywhere and anytime. "As a sport and an art,Tai Chi makes life flow easily“ he said. In addition to being a Tai Chi teacher, Xin plays table tennis and enjoys coaching it. In 2010, his student Kevin li, at age 9, won the 9-and-under championship at the U.S. Open in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Xin will be teaching in the sun and moon studio at HHMC every Monday evening for bigginers and every Friday at noon for advanced practitioners. His class will be limited to 4 students for best teaching performance. Discounted student and 10 class packages are available. Class by registration No experience is necessary and first time Tai Chi students are joyfully welcome. Location Hana Holistic Medical Center / Anas Hana MD 2107 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94704 United States Refund Policy No Refunds




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