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DERIC CH’NG ‘LONDON CITYSCAPES’ ART EXHIBITION (SPRING 2018) ‘LONDON CITYSCAPES’ EXHIBITION RUN FROM 3RD APRIL TO 1st MAY 2018 VENUE: BLEND CAFÉ HARRINGAY 587 GREEN LANES HARRINGAY, LONDON N8 0RG 0208 3412939 VENUE OPENING HOURS: MON and TUE 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM WED, THUR and FRI 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM, 6.00PM –10.00PM SAT 9.30 AM – 5.00 PM, 6.00PM –10.00PM SUN 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM, 6.00PM –10.00PM LAST DAY OF EXHIBITION: 1ST MAY 2018 Deric Ch’ng, a British Artist launches his cityscapes paintings at Blend café in Harringay. Since his solo exhibition ‘London, the visit’ in 2010, he continued to be inspired by and explore his interest in creation on his favourite subjects on London cityscapes. The inspiration of his works often comes from his surroundings, urban life settings and experiences. He enjoys the watching fast pace of London city life and observing the patterns woven by its denizens; pedestrians, bankers, delivery riders, newspaper sellers, tourists, travellers, rough sleepers, city walkers weaving through the busy traffic, main roads to small alleys lane, clubs, offices, cafes and galleries. He found London city life is quite fascinating. Cityscapes, urbanity and architecture have formed powerful and meaningful images to his painting. Each of his art pieces takes hundreds of hours of meticulous work. It starts with thoughtful composition and layout, the careful layering of colours and the lighting contrast. For further information of this exhibition, please visit the website email: [email protected]
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