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Find Your Feel Good Flourish!

Sometimes, as women, we experience events in our lives - divorce, raising a family, redundancy, career change, health scare, bereavement - that can leave us lacking in confidence and feeling a tad depleted. If that sounds like you, then this series of workshops will help. We'd love you to join us in a small, safe, supportive group environment, where you will learn a blend of practical strategies and holistic therapies that empower you and enable you to find your flourish once more. So if you know you need to... * take steps towards building your self-esteem * start practicing self-care - without guilt! * set goals to help you succeed in your new life/career * identify and make the most of your strengths and abilities * build your confidence * develop coping mechanisms for situations that leave you anxious * start living the life you deserve ...then sign up today and we guarantee you will walk away with a 'road map' and 'tool kit' that supports you along your journey as you do all of the above. And of course, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries. Lucy & Jane. xx



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