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Heal the Goddess Within: - Deep Feminine Healing Day Workshop

Heal the Goddess Within: - Deep Feminine Healing Day Workshop
A women's only day of healing using the Triple Aspect & Ancient Goddess; Maid, Mother, Crone & the empowering Enchantress energy If you hold trauma against your sexuality or gender (from the workplace, life or abuse), who have trouble manifesting their life's work or getting over childhood seeded traumas With three well known local mediums, healers & intuitives, who all have a deep respect & understanding of this deep personal work. Each lady will receive a Medicine Bag with crystal & herb mix plus an image of the Triple Aspect Celtic Goddess. The Day is £90, with an Early Bird discount of £75 pre-paid available until 17/01/18. Please contact us to reserve a place & pay deposit. This is a limited group, ensuring each lady receives the attention that she needs. This will be a jam packed day from start to finish, that you will leave feeling healed, centred & focused. Agenda: Foundational awareness: To get you into a space where you can get the most from your day. Embodying the Maiden. We will look at what trauma is, who maiden is & can be to us. We will heal any past trauma present & recommit to our sacred creative space via womb rites. Embodying the Mother. Here we work with her to love ourselves, & individually heal our Sacred Space, plus a Gift of Sisterhood. We will fully activate her manifestation & creativity through Womb Painting. Embodying the Crone. We will connect into out Inner Wisdom through Mindful Movement. Through Channelled Writing, we connect into the words we need to hear. With the Moon, we expand our knowledge of how she works with our Cycles. Becoming the Enchantress. Through the day we explore the parts of her that run through each of the Aspects, & those parts which need nurturing in us. A Womb Meditation to release & then receive the gifts of the Enchantress. Sacred Space Chanting to fully embed the healing & empowerment. An alignment of the Divine Feminine & Masculine within us.



VISIT WEBSITE 07814272797 (Rachael Setford-Berry)

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