Galilean Healing - True Heart of Jesus Reiki Day Workshop - cert

This is a newly channelled and certified Reiki Healing Day Workshop. It is a Beyond Mastership attunement for those with Reiki 2 and above. True Heart of Jesus healing draws on the Christed Consciousness Gateway and the Spiritual version of Jesus, as well as the very Earthly Jesus of Nazareth and his circle of healers from Galilee. A perfect balance of healing from the Binary Star System Siruis and the Grounding that connecting into the man that was Jesus and his close group of followers and healers. This attunement is a Master level attunement. It works with the symbols for Reiki 2nd degree, but you are given two different Master symbols, which elevates and calibrates the vibration of Reiki, to something beyond Master level. The symbol was channelled to me by Usui himself, blessing this healing modality as he did. Working with Universal love, which comes in on a compassion vibration, ensuring you are working to the Highest and Greatest Good of the individual. Channelling Jesus through your hands and heart space, and connecting the client into the Christed Consciousness energy stream, you will learn to work with each of Jesus's amazing circle while connecting into the Earth and the Seas. Drawing on energy from both above and below in order to facilitate both Astral and Physical healing simultaneously. I am a Reiki Master with over a decade of healing experience and also a Spiritual Medium and Psychic. Coming from a very logical persepctive, I have been able to channel and create a very balaned healing modaility which you will not have seen before. It provides healing not only on the physical, spiritual and emotional but importantly the mental, healing seeds of issues which mean lifting people easily from current life cycles. A second day of learning is available for those who wish to, to learn how to remove previous life seeds which have manifested themselves in this life for your clients. Working with the beautiful soul that is Peter-Simon directly. From the day you will recive a coursebook and healing crystals. It is assessed through the workshop and additionally 9 case studies and a personal healing journal for the next 21 days, as well as an open book test. From this you will receive a cerificate which is insurable through Balens. The cost of the attunement and workbook is £250, which will include a workbook, a secondary Louise Hay book and two healing crystals to take away with you. A deposit of £30 for the day is needed. Please contact me to book a place. If you did not complete your Reiki attunements with me I will need to see a copy of your Reiki certifcates for at least Reiki 1 and 2 before the day. We will have access to a kettle and kitchen - please bring your own lunch. Venue with very easy access by public transport (across the road from Micheldever Train Station), very close to the A303 and the M3 and Winchester area. I also teach traditional Usui (with an edge!) Reiki 1st degree (beginner), 2nd Degree (professional), Master and also Teacher workshops and qualifications. Please contact me if you are interested in these workshops.




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